36' crate and crate mat, 40" high xpen, grated pee pad holder, spill proof water bucket that hangs off of the pen and a snuffle mat.

For Toys we like Chuck It and Kong, both are pretty durable brands and found on Amazon too  https://amzn.to/2BMukLh

Please see the Nutrition page for food, chews and treats 

Kuranda Dog Beds! Click here

Pups cannot chew, destroy or destuff these beds they are virtually indestructible!


I recommend a puppy setup like this, preferably just off the back door or patio area. A crate, with pen, water dish, toys and chews and potty area.

This page features all of our favourite essentials and accessories that an Aussie puppy will need complete with links to order:

Favourite crate

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