Canadian Kennel Club Australian Shepherds   
Smaller and Standard sizes 

We are striving to breed the best possible well rounded Aussies
for both families and performance homes.

Our focus is health & temperament first and foremost.
Breeding for form and function is also a priority in our program. We have many exciting crosses in the future so make sure to like and follow our Facebook page for all the updates!

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Guardian Program
We are wanting to keep back both red and blue merle males from future litters. We do not like to keep our dogs in kennels and runs or isolated. To make sure each of our males live their best lives and for their safety it's best they aren't in the same home with other intact males (with all our intact girls around). We are hoping to find some aussome homes to be a part of our breeding program and next generation of Aussies and keep a male puppy intact. 
We request that: 
- Homes be within 1hr of Stony Plain (there is a lot of driving on my behalf )
- Homes have fenced yards or fenced areas on an acreage or farm  
- Homes are be willing to have me visit with ladies for dates (preferably outside in the fenced yard)
- Homes will own puppy and will never be asked for him to leave home
- Guardian home puppies will be a reduced price of $2000 (normally $3.5-4k for our merle males)
- Nearby breeders are welcome to msg if looking for a stud to add to your program.


Melanie & Carissa wih Karma's first litter
Brian & Melanie with all the grandkids
Conrad Carissa and kids
Chasin Tail Australian Shepherd's Pippin
Chasin Tail Australian Shepherd'sAnnie

Cohen & Chiara, my biggest puppy helpers! They are gophers during whelping, help with ENS exercises and then keeping the puppies occupied while I clean and tidy up litters and play areas. They are also great socializers making loud noises, moving suddenly, constantly dropping and banging things and lots of playing, the puppies love their kids!

Please contact Carissa 780-270-6924 or through email

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