Timberlines Ladies Man "Fabio" 


I cannot say enough good things about our Fabio! He is confident, very affectionate and a social butterfly!  
Love his temperament, such a perfect match for our girls!

~AKC/CKC/ASDR Australian Shepherd 
~Blue Merle with blue eyes
~Button Earset
~Red Factored
~17" height 
~Scissor bite

Genetic Testing:

Link to Picture Pedigree: Click Here
OFA Testing, CHIC certified Click Here for OFA Website

Fabio is available to outside females both live cover and AI done by myself.
Stud fee is $1500. Any vet fees are extra if semen is requested to be shipped. Please contact Carissa to review the agreement.

Sprout Creek Master Ruby's Karma

Kardi came to us from California and she just loves all people, puppies and other dogs. She is a pretty easy going girl but Fabio can get her playing pretty rough, they are bffs and we are planning her first litter for Summer 2023.
Kardi is Full panel clear for her genetic testing, has had her OFA eye exam, we're just waiting until she is 2 for her OFA hip & elbow xrays in February 2023.

~AKC/CKC/ASDR Australian Shepherd 
Minimal white Black Tricolour with striking blue eyes.
~16.5" height 
~Scissor bite
Genetic Testing: Full Panel Clear (Canine Health Check)
OFA testing: Click Here

kardi x Fabio.jpg

Harmoneehill's Workin Wine to Five ChasinTail "Merlot"

Merlot is distantly related to Fabio and they are so similar in their movement, temperament and looks. Merlot is also very friendly, loves kids and is just such an easy going pleasant boy. He is standing at stud just south of Calgary
~AKC/CKC/ASDR Australian Shepherd 
~Red Merle (length m/M267)
- marbled amber and blue eyes 

~18" height 
~Scissor bite
Genetic Testing: Full Panel Clear (Canine Health Check)
OFA testing: Click Here

Merlot June 2022_edited.jpg
Karma 8.jpg

Wilson's Karma

Karma 4.jpg

Our amazing red bi  girl comes from Wilson Aussies just north of Edmonton. She has an aussome disposition, is easy to train.... so incredibly smart!  Karma is so good with kids and other dogs, she has great toy drive! Discs, balls, anything that moves she will fly to catch it and retrieves as well but has a great of switch for chilling on the couch. 

Karma lives with our inlaws on our family's farm nearby.

~ CKC Registered (AKC & ASDR Eligible)

~ Red Bicolour (Only a bit of white on her toes & chest)

~ 18.5" - 45lbs

~ Rose Earset

~ Scissor bite

~ OFA Testing: Hips/Elbows, Eyes & Heart Normal/Clear

Link to her OFA testing results: CHIC Certified! OFA website            

Genetic Testing: Full Aussie Panel Clear  https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/13465/

Link to Picture Pedigree: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/australian_shepherd/dog.html?id=2736927-wilsons-karma

Reference Aussies: 

Wilson's Shiloh


Shiloh is now livin her best life in Edmonton 

~ CKC Registered (ASCA & AKC Eligible)

~ Red Bi (Only a bit of white on her toes, tummy and pants)

~ 18.5" - 35lbs

~ Rose Earset (sometimes button) 

~ Perfect scissor bite

 OFA Testing Complete: Hip/Elbows, eyes and heart: https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?quicksearch=Wilsons%20Shiloh


Genetic Testing: Full Aussie Panel Clear  https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/9529/

Picture Pedigree:


Walker's Harlequin Chasin Tail "Harley"

Harley pup.jpg

Harley is now livin her best life near Red Deer, Alberta

~ AKC/CKC Registered 

~ Deep Red Tricolour with blue eyes

~ 18"+ height 

Link to Picture Pedigree: click here

Embark testing: click here

Harley 6 months.jpg

Diamond Willough's Alberta Stormy Sky

Skylar 1.jpg

Skylar is now livin her best life in California

~ Black Tri

~ 19" - 40lbs

~ Button Earset

~ Perfect scissor bite

~ Red Factored (tested)

~ OFA Testing: Eyes & Heart Normal / Clear     

Link to her OFA testing results: OFA website    

Genetic Testing: Full Aussie Panel Clear through parentage

Link to Paw Print Genetics: https://www.pawprintgenetics.com/pedigrees/dogs/details/6189/